A new Amérique by Mr METRAT Théo

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A new Amérique by Mr METRAT Théo

Post  Théo on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:05 pm

"The senator Mr METRAT Théo takes to the stage and says:"

Hello citizens,
I will play a part in the new organisation who is time to start with the future in mind. It’s why we can’t weat .
You must vote for me.

My program consist of

To improve the education

  • I’m in favour of five hours instruction by day because scientifics studies have shown that too work in a day was harmful for our body.

  • I want to set up a reform for a new distribution who is in favour the students' motivation.

To protect the environnement

  • I fight about the toxic and nuclear waste who shouldn’t be kept in the basement.

  • I’m convinced that the new energy could replace all the old energy who pollute and destroy the health.

To develop the economy

  • I will that all taxes are deleted.

  • I defend the idea that we can create jobs and business if each of us make an effort.

  • I’m against the fact that we live assisted by the state.

To transform the justice

  • I will be involved in the project of abolition the death penalty

  • I will close Guantamo’s prison. It violates the right to be free from torture or cruel, it’s inhuman.

  • I will stop to scorn the human rights at the slightest opportunity.

  • I disaprouve the carrying of weapons minors. >>

"Before leaving, he said:"

<<Voted for me is to ensure a beautiful future! >>
"Then he withdrew it under the applause"


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