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Post  dom on Sun Nov 09, 2008 8:06 pm

Hello citizens!
I am senators and i want to become the next American president

Shool cheers
I suggest 3 or 4 change:- Latin,History,German,French,Geography are optional
-school is compulsory 10 years
-school is only morning

With crisis the USA are in peril but it must get out hole
It must a new job creat.

Sport Basketball
A national team must always win in each sport.
Two million will each years be.

Armed forces
I disaprove of Irak War.
If i am president a War will end be

Foreign politik
If i am president i organize meeting worlwide for different subject

The USA pollute too much .
It i am president i want consumptio of co2.

For each change i need more three thousand million.

For a change vot for me


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