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Post  Maxime.B on Sun May 25, 2008 8:06 pm

The name of my song is:I have a dream the artist who has write the lyrics is song deals about the rasicm and about Martin Luther speak about the segregation and racial discrimination.He use the famous speech of martin luther king for the refrain.The famous speech of Martin Luther King is : "I have a dream...". In this song the singer denounces racial discrimination on blacks persons he talks about the dream of black people.
The topic of his song is the rascim. In this song there are lot of comparisons,metaphors and repetitions. For example he said:"that's no money,if you from where i'm from" He compared black people and white people he said if you're black you don't have money contrary to white people i's a comparison.An other sentence :"it's a cold war I'm a colder soldier it's a metaphor he talks about a cold war and he said that black soldier doesn't want go at fight. In this song there are many repetition :" My dream is to be free" he said that blacks people want to be free during the segregation ,"That one day" this is a sentence that Martin Luther King says during his famous speech i have a dream.
I think that this song is good because she deals about segregation, racism and Martin Luther King.She processes numerous subjects which are hard has to approach. It's why i have chose this song.


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