Elecotral program =]

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Elecotral program =]

Post  Léa on Sun Nov 09, 2008 5:12 pm

If I were president I would change many things for us to live in a better world :

For politics , For the war in Irak, I would say about any stoped Exclamation And I would give some money to finance the caused accidents

For the health ,It would have to be hospital in quite cities there, and everybody has to be mutual one for the health

For the economy , It would be necessary create a safety for banks , because the mortage are so big and Increase the taxes for the bigs companies and make reduce the taxes for the most deprived can all the same foods quielty

For the sale of weapon will exclusively be to reserved to the persons practising the hunting and pulls him sportsman, sportman, to limite free to sall on the americain territory

For the environment, I would like to replace all the cars has gasolines by cars electric, and to use the solar energy

For the education, It would be necessary to give stock exchanges to the students who have no means to buy itself studies, what would give a luck has quite the young people to succeed well in the life

So thank you , and vote for me:)

Now thank you and vote for me ! =P queen

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Re: Elecotral program =]

Post  xXx-Phoenix69480-xXx on Sun Nov 09, 2008 5:15 pm

pk t'en a fé 2 lol! Question lol!

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