My Protest Song : presentation...

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My Protest Song : presentation...

Post  valérie on Sun May 25, 2008 7:11 pm

Introduction :
A protest song is a song which talks about a revendication. Their songs denounce a lot of problems. For examples: the gay rights, the feminist movement, the anti-war movement, the civils rights, the religions, the handicapped.
Firstly, I will speak the presentation of my protest song. Secondly, I will do the lexical field of my protest song. Thirdly, I will underline the rhetorical figures and explanation them. Finally, I will do my opinion.

The presentation of my protest song :
My protest song is „Dear Mr. President“, from Pink. This lyric denounces President’s political. The song’s interpreter doesn’t approve his political. In her song, Pink asks her questions as though the president was in front of her.

The lexical field of my protest song :
My protest song have got a lot of lexicals field. Pink denounces Bush’s political. She asks him to walk with her because she will show him the world he has got to creat. (lines 3 and 45). She asks a lot of questions because she thinks that he won’t confronts problems of United States. (lines 7 at 10 and 42-43). She will guilt him. (lines 11 at 14 and 26 at 29). The artist denounces the discrimination with all of people because they are differents and the President doesn’t like people which are different.

The rhetorical figures and the explanation :
« were you a lonely boy ? (line 16) Are you a lonely boy ? »
This sentences are repetitions (lonely boy). The first sentence means that the President will eliminate the others rivals of the presidential elections. And the second, probably he believes that he is the god on the world.
« while you pave the road to hell. (line 21).
This sentence is a metaphor which means all of people which are differents. They go to hell.
« hard work » (lines 30, 32, 34, 36 at 41).
This words are repetitions. The artist lay stress on the « Work », it’s very difficult for all the people, except for the President…

My opinion :
This song is very interesting. Pink sings very good. And the music is very good too. She will show who is the real’s President.

In conclusion :
The protests songs are positives because they denounce good causes. A lot of people are changed their opinions towards their cause. But there are always people who are unconcious. The human’s stupidity is present and will stay always...


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My presentation

Post  yannis on Sun May 25, 2008 10:24 pm

My protest song is a text by Bob Dylan untitle The balld of Hollis Brown, this text shows the consequence of the poverty and misery without help.It's drawn from a real news item, Hollis Brown, a farmer didn't use his property and didn't found a work so like he couldn't feed his familly he decided to buy a shotgun and kill his familly and him.

The main lexical wich underlines the farm is the place where he lived "[the] South Dakota farm [is] a cabin on the outside of town [and he has got] a mare and a well", wich show parts of body and people are link with a violence verb like "baby's eyes " with "look crazy" or "brain" with "pounding" and "[his] wife's screams are stabbin' [him]" or again "your brain is a-bleedin' [...] your eyes fix on the shotgun". So we can see this farmer couldn't use his animals and his grass didn't found a work, the second main lexical who I locate highlines there isn't a time, a place where he doesn't stand.

This song is divided into eleven parts of six lines the first are repetition because the first towards are repeat in the third line, and the second is repeat in the fourth line, this lines underline the poverty and the misery. The last lines of a part describe his life; familly, social situation, feeling, reaction .... The last part use the number seven five times, the last toward are:
"There's seven people dead
On a South Dakota farm
Somewhere in the distance
There's seven new people born"
The question is the seven new people born is a sign of hope or hopeless. I think hope because seven is lucky number but nothing is sure.

Finally this song can please me the text is searching, the story is interesting and make to reflect, but it's so sad music like text. This song finished by hope and make to think at the misery and poverty without help and as a result of their death.


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