U2 - Peace On Earth {Attention, Derniere Modification De Tout Le Contenu Le Samedi A 19H50}

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U2 - Peace On Earth {Attention, Derniere Modification De Tout Le Contenu Le Samedi A 19H50}

Post  sofiane aissaoui on Thu May 22, 2008 11:20 pm


Nowadays, war is dominating the world. Even though there are reasons behind these conflicts, people tend to forget their consequences on society. Thousands, if not millions, perish on a daily basis. Some people try to fight against these acts of violence; artists such as U2 or Mattafix fight against the blooshed throughout their lyrics... One of the famous songs of U2 named “peace on earth” show to the world the absurdity of the war.
However, before the presentation of the song, it's important to talk about the singer, and his style which is said to be pacifist.

Presentation of the figures of the group:

it is in 1978 in Ireland when the singer Paul HEWSON, the guitarist Dave EVANS, the bass player Adam CLAYTON and the percussionist Larry MULLEN JR. formed a group named U2 (the nick-name U2 is the name of a plane American spy). The group begins passing often to television and to radio then has favour know of success has them numerous texts which speak about war, about racism as for instance the song "TEA UNFORGETTABLE FIRE" which country tribute to Martin Luther KING JR and of peace.

In this music, we can see two different main lexical:

The main lexical of peace:
- "peace on earth" (x12)
- "Heaven on earth"
- "Jesus" (x2)

The main lexical of war:
- "sick of sorrow, sick of the pain"
- "i'm sick of hearing again and again"
- "use them on our enemies"
-"you become a monster so the monster will not break you"
-"mane a line"

It is a protest song beacause U2 talk about peace in the world and he denounced the war in different country. In her at the same time his feelings towards war and damage which it can make.. He explains to the persons that war it is wrong and that the peace in the world is possible if people put in it.

Phetorical figures:

-Repetition of world "sick" : The artist use this repetition to accentuate his opinion concerning the war in the world. It displays his revolt back war. The artist try to shows public that the war is bad and barbaric.

-Repetition of world "peace" : the author wants to stress this word to show her opinion face has war and to show that he is against war and that he wants peace in the world


I find that sound is medium but that words are made well. The artist fights for a good reason and I find good her. Words are touching and the author tries to show us things in another way and to show us what the brutality of war can make on the planet.Words make think on stake and consequences of war in the world.I listened about to musics of U2 and I found words property. I recommend you to listen their music because words are touching.

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