favorite song(s)

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favorite song(s)

Post  zeraphine on Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:46 pm

I don't think I have ONE favorite song. Let me explain myself. I have one song that changed my life (sort of ), because since the moment I listened to it, I knew my favorite music would be rock. That song was Creep by Radiohead ( and don't trust the crappy versions you might have seen and/or heard on TV "thanks" to the Star Academy show, or the lastest version by Korn ).
I also have favorite songS, but I can't tell their titles because most of the time, they depend of my state of mind. I can spend 2 months listening to the same song, and then changing for another totally different, because my mood would have changed as well. It's one of the reason why I do love Radiohead, I'm always able to find a song that suits my mood Razz
What about you ? Are you a "musicothomic" like me ? Or did you manage to say "THIS is my favorite song, I will never, ever change !" ?


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